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Vicky Justiz Kurzinfo
Höhe 5 Fuß 3 Zoll
Gewicht 57 kg
Geburtsdatum 9. Februar 1995
Sternzeichen Wassermann
Freund Jonathan Urra

Vicky Justiz ist ein russischer Social-Media-Star, Fitness-Model, Tänzerin und Bloggerin, die vor allem für ihren gleichnamigen YouTube-Kanal für Fitness, Lifestyle und Reisen bekannt ist, der mehr als 1 Million Abonnenten und mehr als 80 Millionen Aufrufe erzielt hat. Sie startete den Kanal am 23. Mai 2014, aber nur, um ihre Träume von einer Hochzeits- / Eventdesignerin zu unterstützen und zusätzliche Einnahmen zu erzielen. In den ersten drei Jahren veröffentlichte Vicky einfach zu handhabende Workouts zu Hause, die für Anfänger geeignet waren, und entschied sich um 2017, Vollzeit-YouTuber zu werden. Anschließend erweiterte sie ihre Inhalte um Modetransporte, Lookbooks und Fitnessherausforderungen und konzentrierte sich auf den Ernährungsteil des Trainings, z. B. Rezepte zum Abnehmen oder zur Steigerung der Muskelmasse.

Am 31. Juli 2018 erstellte sie außerdem einen zweiten YouTube-Kanal mit dem Titel „Vicky Justiz VLOGS“, da ihr Publikum große Nachfrage nach Produktempfehlungen, Videos aus dem Leben, Diskussionen, Fragen und Antworten, Hautpflege-Routinen und einfach nur nach dem Thema hatte Herz-zu-Herz-Chats mit ihr außerhalb ihrer Fitness-Persönlichkeit. Vicky erstellte auch einige spezifische 8-Wochen-Trainingsroutinen und Ernährungspläne und begann, diese über ihre Website zu verkaufen. Sie waren in Form von leicht verdaulichen E-Books und ein Produkt von Leuten, die ähnliche Fragen über private Nachrichten stellten, und eine Möglichkeit, ihrer großen Fangemeinde zu helfen, ihre persönlichen Ziele zu erreichen. Um ihre Strategien und ihren gesunden Lebensstil weiter zu diskutieren, ist sie in einer Folge der Talkshow The Doctors aufgetreten Anfang 2016. Sie hat auch eine große Online-Fangemeinde mit mehr als 200.000 Followern auf ihrem persönlichen Instagram und mehr als 100.000 Followern auf Facebook aufgebaut.

Geborener Name

Vicky Justiz



Vicky Justiz in einem Instagram-Post aus dem Dezember 2018




Moskau, Russland


Miami, Florida, Vereinigte Staaten




Vicky hat eine Universität besucht und Hospitality Management mit einem Nebenfach in Grafikdesign studiert.


Social Media Star, Blogger, Fitness Model, Tänzer


Vicky Justiz verwaltet ihre Karriere selbst.




160 cm (5 Fuß 3 Zoll)


57 kg oder 125,5 lbs

Freund / Ehepartner

Vicky Justiz hat datiert -

  1. Jonathan Urra (2015-Present) – In early 2015, she began dating the traveling vlogger, photographer, and social media star, better known as “Johnny Urra” online. They met while studying abroad in Italy in the same program, even though they were both from Miami, Florida, United States. According to Vicky, it was love at 1st sight for both of them, and they quickly took to traveling the world together and shared their experiences on both Instagram and YouTube. To further promote the hidden gems of the world, they also started an Instagram account under the handle “bottleofwinefortwo,” as well as a YouTube channel of the same name, which was converted to Jonathan’s personal channel in around 2018. They used to spend time in each other’s parents’ houses but decided to get an apartment together in May 2018. Vicky stated that they rarely fight and that even if a problem happens due to them spending 24/7 together, they use the “call a timeout” tactic to calm down. Johnny proposed to her in late June 2019 and stated that he made plans back in March 2019 but claimed he knew he would marry her right away. He organized a romantic getaway, and they drove a rented Vespa and sat by the side of the road for a picnic while watching the sunset in a little town named Greve in Chianti, located in Italy. Vicky stated that he prepared a camera across the road to film the whole thing, but kept delaying the proposal because he had to wait for cars to pass so that they don’t obstruct the exact moment he got on one knee.
Vicky Justiz und Jonathan Urra im Mai 2019

Race / Ethnicity

Mixed (White and Hispanic)

She is of Russian descent on her maternal side, and of Cuban descent on her paternal side.

Hair Color


She has also dyed her hair ‘Platinum Blonde,’ ‘Dark Brown,’ and ‘Ombre’ with ‘Dark Brown’ hair roots.

Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Athletic physique
  • Foot and back tattoos

Brand Endorsements

Vicky Justiz has endorsed brands such as –

  • Best Fiends App (2016)
  • Zaful (2017)
  • Cupshe (2017)
  • Fit Tea (2017)
  • Women’s Best (2018)
  • Outdoor Voices (2018)
  • Women’s Best Wear (2019)
  • FEEL byVASO (2019)
  • Zumba Wear (2019)
  • Bondi Sands (2019)
  • Swarovski for Professionals (2019)
  • Pull&Bear (2019)
  • 1 Hotels (2019)
  • StarKistCharlie (2019)
  • Head & Shoulders (2019)
  • bioClarity (2019)
  • Colgate (2019)
  • Number 31 Dublin Guesthouse (2019)
  • MESHKI (2019)
  • Stradivarius (2019)
  • ZARA (2019)
  • Diesel (2019)
  • Litter-Robot (2019)
  • White Fox Boutique (2019)
Vicky Justiz in einem Instagram-Post im April 2018

Best Known For

  • Being a well-known fitness model and blogger
  • Appearing in an episode of the talk-show series The Doctors (2016)
  • Her social media fanbase with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, more than 200k followers on her personal Instagram, and more than 100k followers on Facebook

First TV Show

Vicky Justiz made her first TV show appearance as ‘Fitness Model’ in an episode titled Hot Topics with Carmen Electra!/Build a Booty Without Surgery?/Miracle Eye Lift Put to the Test of the talk-show series The Doctors in February 2016.

Personal Trainer

Vicky started dancing when she was 11 years old. According to her, her butt was much smaller but still “cute” because she did around 16 hours of cardio a week. In 2016, Vicky stated that she didn’t count calories because it distracted her from enjoying food and her daily routine in general. She has also stated that strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries are her favorite thing to eat, often mixed in a bowl because they can soothe sugar cravings and be eaten in place of snacks.

Vicky, due to her passion for traveling, performs at-home workouts most of the time. As such, most of the workout routines that she recommends to her fanbase can be done outside of the gym, with limited equipment such as resistance bands, ankle weights, and a pair of dumbbells and kettlebells.

Here’s what she does to maintain her physique –

Booty & Legs

Her home workout routine targets all parts of the gluteus and hamstrings, giving a complete look to her backside. All of these are done with a resistance band of choice, and with 8-15 reps, depending on the person and the band chosen.

  • Side To Side Crab Walks – Stay low and don’t fully extend your knees. It should feel like a regular squat, with tension to the muscles at all times.
  • Straight Leg Kicks-Backs
  • Squat With A Sidekick
  • Hip Bridge – Find the position that provides the biggest load on the muscles. Try and find something to grab onto, pull by clenching your gluteus muscle while keeping your arms as close to the ground.

Vicky has a separate workout regime for the outer part of her booty, which consists of exercises such as –

  • Fire Hydrants With A Dumbbell – She does 15 to 20 reps with a 20 lb dumbbell, but the weight is individual.
  • Side To Side Lunges With A Dumbbell – 30 reps, keep the weight in your heels and sit back
  • Side-Kicks With A Dumbbell – 15 reps per side, letting the dumbbell rest on your legs while bringing it up
  • In & Out Hopping Squats With A Bounce – 30 repetitions in total, keeping the weight in the hells and staying low

Back & Biceps

Vicky’s home back workout is done using supersets of the same exercises for as many times as possible, and ideally with 15 repetitions per exercise. The rest period should approximately be 3-5 minutes in-between cycles.

  • Standing Dumbbell Rows – In case the person has no access to dumbbells, she recommends using anything else available, such as bottles filled with liquid or sand.
  • Lying Dumbbell Lat Pullovers
  • Standing Or Bent-Over Arm-Wide Raises – She finds a comfortable position that allows her to hold the balance so that she doesn’t tip over.
  • Back Flies – Vicky finds that sandbags make the best dumbbells for this exercise, but anything that’s comfortable to use can be utilized.
  • Push-Up To A Sit-Back – A combined movement that targets both her triceps and back at once. Elbows should flare diagonally, and not to the side.

Abs & Core

  • Lying Side Plank-Crunch – Vicky combines 2 exercises into one to maximize results and reduce time wasted. Ideally, there should be 7 to 8 repetitions on each side.
  • Lying Leg Raises-Kicks – Doing leg raises only is recommended for beginners or people recovering from an injury. The legs should not touch the floor at any point. Advanced people should add the “criss-cross” movement during leg kicks as a way to make the exercise a bit tougher and target side abdominals more intensely. A rest of 1-3 minutes is recommended before moving on to the next exercise
  • Donkey Kicks And Knee To Chest – Beginners should focus on the knee to the chest in the plank position only. Advanced people can add the donkey kick as a way to target butt and hamstrings and make the exercise more challenging, with 15 repetitions in total.
  • Windshield Wipers With A 90-Degree Angle In The Legs – Arms to the side and keeping her body still, she focuses mentally on using only abs to move legs from side to side, with 10 to 15 repetitions per side as a finisher exercise.

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Vicky admitted that she was very bad at push-ups, and couldn’t even do 1 repetition in April 2019, because she never worked the muscles at all. The reason was that she was convinced that doing chest exercises would change the way her breast implants look by altering their position. However, it hit her that she’s a fitness influencer and that she should at least give it a try to challenge herself. On May 13, 2019, Vicky admitted that she can already do 4 push-ups, and continues to get stronger by the week.

Vicky Justiz Favorite Things

  • Fitness Retreat – Active Escapes
  • Food – Butter, Mayonnaise, Pasta
  • Drink – Limoncello
  • Princess – Anastasia
  • Shopping Places – T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, Marshalls
  • Animal – Cat
  • Song (In December 2018)Above the Clouds by SŸDE ft. Olivia Reid
  • TV Shows – The Office (2005-2013), Black Sails (2014-2017), Vikings, Friends (1994-2004), Gossip Girl (2007-2012), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Quote – “It has long come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

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Vicky Justiz in einem Selfie aus dem Mai 2019

Vicky Justiz Facts

  1. As a kid, she used to be on the swingset for 4-5 hours at once. Her record was about 6 hours of constant swinging while thinking about life. Vicky admitted that she still did it occasionally in her early 20s.
  2. She was born in Russia, but moved to the United States in 2001, and spent her childhood and teenage years in Miami, Florida.
  3. Her dad met her mom while he was studying in Moscow, Russia.
  4. She played varsity soccer in high school.
  5. Modeling was never a dream of hers and she spontaneously started going on photoshoots when she was 18 years old.
  6. Vicky is a cat person because she has to work hard to gain their love, while dogs automatically love almost everyone.
  7. According to her, pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza.
  8. She has a Bengal cat named Freya, and a white Siamese cat named Loki, both of whom she brought home in late August 2018.
  9. Vicky considers carbs being bad for you to be the biggest myth in the fitness industry because it’s all about caloric intake.
  10. She is a proponent of measuring your progress by taking precise measurements, and also taking pictures or checking your physique in the mirror instead of weighing yourself.
  11. If she could have a superpower, it would be the one of probability, so that she could fix the odds in her favor.
  12. She stated that she’s always thinking about what’s on schedule even in her free time. If she could change anything about herself, it would be to disconnect from work and enjoy the time off properly.
  13. If she had to live in one place for the rest of her life, Vicky would pick the Amalfi coast in Italy.
  14. Vicky believes aliens exist and also that there are different dimensions in our universe.
  15. The book that had the biggest impact on her life was Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. She read it in the 7th grade, and it sparked her curiosity about life and philosophy. The close 2nd was Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist.
  16. Vicky has wings tattooed on her left and right shoulder blade.
  17. If Vicky were on death row and was to pick her final meal, it would be a 3-course one. For appetizers, she would go for a salmon-avocado tartare drizzled with honey balsamic, while the main course would consist of 4-cheese gnocchi. The dessert would be crepes with sugar and lemon, as well as about 5 bottles of wine so that she wouldn’t die sober.
  18. She drank champagne to celebrate 1 million subscribers on YouTube in May 2019.
  19. Visit her official website @
  20. Folgen Sie ihr auf Instagram, 2. Instagram, Facebook, Patreon, YouTube und 2. YouTube.

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