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Geborener Name

Robert Harper



Bob Harper bei der Groundhog Day Broadway-Eröffnungsnacht im April 2017




Nashville, Tennessee, Vereinigte Staaten




Bob Harper war an der Austin Peay State University in Clarkesville eingeschrieben. Er verließ die Universität jedoch vor seinem Abschluss.

Danach arbeitete er daran, eine Zertifizierung als Personal Trainer vom American Fitness Training of Athletics zu erhalten. Er nahm auch an Kursen teil, um eine Zertifizierung von der Aerobic and Fitness Association of America zu erhalten.


Personal Trainer, Fernsehpersönlichkeit, Autor, Amateurfotograf




185 cm


81 kg oder 179 lbs

Freund / Ehepartner

Bob Harper hat datiert -

  1. Reza Farahan - In seinem Interview von 2015 gab Harper bekannt, dass er den Schauspieler Reza Farahan in der Vergangenheit datiert hat. Später veröffentlichte er zusammen ein Bild von ihnen auf Twitter, begleitet von der Enthüllung, dass sie in den 90er Jahren datiert waren.
  2. Anton Gutierrez - Die Beziehung zwischen Bob Harper und Anton Gutierrez wurde bestätigt, nachdem sie im November 2015 in West Hollywood beim Küssen gesehen wurden. Anschließend erschienen sie in Oprah: Wo sind sie jetzt? Sie haben jedoch beschlossen, die Ursprünge ihrer Beziehung fest unter Verschluss zu halten.
Bob Harper und Anton Gutierrez im November 2015 in West Hollywood

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  • Zahlreiche Körpertattoos
  • Mittlerer Stoppelbart
Bob Harper hemdloser Körper 2016


Bob Harper hat in einer Reihe von Werbespots für Daily Burn , eine Fitness- und Gesundheitswebsite, mitgespielt.

Er hat auch Markenwerbung für TurboTax , eine Steuervorbereitungssoftware, durchgeführt.

Bob wurde in Printwerbung für sein eigenes Smart Weight Loss Starter Kit- Set vorgestellt.

He has also starred in series of social cause The More you Know adverts.

Best Known For

  • Having served as the weight loss trainer in the reality TV series, The Biggest Loser.
  • Having worked as a personal trainer for famous celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres and Ben Stiller.

First TV Show

In 2005, he made his TV show debut on the reality game show The Biggest Loser as a trainer (himself).

Personal Trainer

Bob hits the gym 6 days a week. Depending on his fitness needs and his desire to explore, he keeps changing his workout routines regularly. He goes for lifting and does high-intensity exercises when he wants to add muscle mass and cranks cardio up when he feels there is some holiday indulgence to be taken care of.

Later, he fell in love with CrossFit workouts because no other workout style could challenge him in his more than two decades of stay in the fitness industry. His favorite type of CrossFit workout is the chipper workout, in which you don’t focus on performing as many reps as possible of exercises but try to finish a set number of reps. This type of workout takes longer to finish, so makes your heart work harder for a longer period. You can find one such workout here.

Bob is also a big fan of yoga. He also tries to fit other physical activities such as cycling, running and snowboarding in his routine.

When it comes to diet, he has been as disciplined as anyone. However, after suffering a heart attack, he has switched to Mediterranean diet to lower risks of any heart problem in the near future.

Bob Harper Favorite Things

  • Tattoo – His hand tattoo that has a skull on the heart and it is surrounded by spider web
  • Place – Paris
  • Books – Just Kids by Patti Smith

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Bob Harper bei der NBC Universal Press Tour im Januar 2016

Bob Harper Facts

  1. Bob is obsessed with tattoos and has got two sleeves full of tattoos including a tattoo of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” on his left forearm and tattoo of a skull right in the middle of his chest.
  2. In 2010, he adopted a rescued dog, who was found on the streets of Baldwin Hills, California. The dog is possibly of Havanese mix and has been his only pet since then. He named him Karl after fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld.
  3. In May 2016, the former Biggest Loser contestant Joelle Gwynn accused him of giving her weight loss drugs during the show. He, however, has refuted these claims and has stated that he is always dedicated to the wellbeing of contestants.
  4. In a 2013 episode of The Biggest Loser, he came out as a gay while trying to help a gay contestant deal with his sexuality. He had told his family that he was gay at the age of 17 but didn’t address his sexuality publicly until that episode.
  5. He loves riding motorbikes. Also, he can’t stand a dirty car.
  6. Once, while on his way to the airport, he forgot his wallet at home. He managed to convince security and other airport officials to let him take the flight despite not having an ID.
  7. He is color blind.
  8. Despite being one of the most popular personal trainers, he has still hired a personal trainer to help him in the gym.
  9. He is an accomplished fitness and weight loss writer. His books including Skinny Meals, The Skinny Rules and Jumpstart to Skinny, have been featured on the NY Times bestseller list.
  10. In 2010, the animal rights organization PETA declared him the sexiest male vegetarian of the year. He turned vegan that same year. However, he dropped vegan diet in 2013.
  11. In 2010, the Farm Sanctuary, an American organization which works to protect farm animals, made him the national spokesman for the Walk for Farm Animals campaign.
  12. He turned down an opportunity to work in reality TV series, The Swan because he didn’t want to become part of the show that focused on plastic surgery as a means of personal improvement.
  13. Im Februar 2017 erlitt er nach seinem Training im Fitnessstudio einen Herzstillstand. Er hatte aufgehört zu atmen und wurde von Sportärzten gerettet, die CPR durchführten und kleine Dosen Elektroschocks verwendeten, um sein Herz wiederzubeleben.

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