Luis Fonsi Größe, Gewicht, Alter, Ehepartner, Familie, Fakten, Biografie

Geborener Name

Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero


Luis Fonsi

Luis Fonsi post Morgen Training Selfie im Januar 2018




San Juan, Puerto Rico


Miami, Florida, USA


Amerikaner, Puertorikaner


1989 zog die Familie Rodríguez nach Florida, USA, und Luis wurde an der Dr. Philips High School in Orlando eingeschrieben.

Er schloss sich der Schulstimmgruppe Big Guys an , die auf Schulpartys und lokalen Musikfestivals sang. Dort lernte er Joey Fatone kennen und freundete sich mit ihm an, der später als ehemaliges Mitglied von N'SYNC bekannt wurde.

1995 erhielt er ein Vollstipendium an der Florida State University School of Music und studierte Vocal Performance. Als Mitglied des Chors der Universität reiste Luis durch die ganze Welt und bekam die Gelegenheit, mit dem City Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in England aufzutreten .


Sänger, Songwriter, Schauspieler


  • Vater - Alfonso Rodríguez
  • Mutter - Delia López-Cepero alias Tata (Sängerin)
  • Geschwister - Jean Rodríguez alias Jan (Jüngerer Bruder) (Sänger), Tatiana Rodríguez (Jüngere Schwester)


  • Musik der Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
  • Tony Mojena, TM Entertainment, Puerto Rico, USA und Lateinamerika


  • Reggaeton
  • Latin Pop


Gesang, Klavier, Gitarre


Universal Music Latin Entertainment




170 cm (5 Fuß 7 Zoll)


66 kg oder 145,5 lbs

Freundin / Ehepartner

  1. Puertoricanische Sängerin (2001–2002) - Lokale Boulevardzeitungen in Florida und Puerto Rico spekulierten, dass Luis eine Affäre mit einer sehr berühmten verheirateten puertoricanischen Sängerin hatte, die schließlich ihren Ehemann verließ, um eine Immobilie in der Nähe von Luis 'Haus in Orlando zu kaufen. Das Gespräch über den Skandal ließ Ende 2002 nach.
  2. Adamari López Torres (2003–2010) - Adamari, eine puertoricanische Telenovela / Seifenoper-Schauspielerin, traf Luis 2003, weil sie für dasselbe Netzwerk, Univision, unter Vertrag genommen wurden. They announced their love for each other in 2004 after which Luis took off for an international tour. However, he canceled his tour mid-way in 2005 when his girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luis was committed to support her through this difficult time. He frequently traveled with his girlfriend and lived in Mexico, Miami, and Puerto Rico for Adamari’s cancer treatment while balancing his professional commitments alongside. She is in remission since 2006. The same year, in June 2006, the couple got married in a lavish, religious ceremony organized in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico attended by several celebrities such as Joey Fatone, Charytín Goyco, Ednita Nazario, and Carlos Ponce to name a few. Their marriage did not last happily ever after as it officially ended in divorce in November 2010.
  3. Águeda López (2011–Present) – Luis moved on quickly after the dissolution of his first marriage and found love with Spanish model, Águeda. She gave birth to his first child, a daughter named Mikaela in December 2011. In 2013, Luis’s ex-wife published a tell-all memoir that alleged Luis cheated on her with Águeda. This disappointed many fans and triggered an angry backlash against the singer. After living together for three years, Luis took Águeda to Paris and proposed. The couple got married in an intimate ceremony organized in a vineyard at Napa Valley, California. In December 2016, Águeda had her second child with Luis, a son named Rocco.
Luis Fonsi singt im Dezember 2009 beim Friedensnobelpreis in Oslo

Race / Ethnicity

Latino / Hispanic

Luis’s paternal family is from Puerto Rico and some members of his maternal family are from Dominican Republic.

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Broad forehead and clear, tanned skin
  • Deep set eyes with thick brows
  • Lean and muscular build

Brand Endorsements

  • Puerto Rico’s Tourism Ambassador (2017)
  • Cast in AT&T commercial (2011)
Luis Fonsi auf einer Tanztour im Oktober 2017


The artist is not vocal about his religious beliefs. He possibly comes from a Christian family as 85% of the Puerto Rican population is Roman Catholic.

Best Known For

  • His worldwide hit single Despacito (2017) meaning ‘slowly’ in Spanish – Luis had a very successful career as a Latin pop singer up till 2017 and was already a major star in all Spanish speaking countries. However, Despacito’s release in January 2017 brought him unprecedented worldwide cross-over success that broke all language barriers.
  • Particularly after Justin Bieber’s remix version released in April 2017, Luis started performing at sold-out shows in culturally diverse countries such as Russia, Hungary, and the Middle-East along with all the English speaking countries.

First Album

A Latin pop album called Comenzaré (1998) that reached certified ‘Platinum’ status by selling 100,000 copies.

First Film

A brief cameo as the friend of the male lead in a Mexican romantic film called Como Agua Para Chocolate / Like Water for Chocolate (1992).

First TV Show

Two-episode guest appearance as Ello Mismo in a Venezuelan telenovela called Amantes de Luna Llena in 2000.

Personal Trainer

  • Luis works extremely hard to maintain his fitness. He has to withstand the intense schedule of frequent travel and sustain the endurance to perform on stage for several hours.
  • During downtime, the singer’s major focus is to build and retain lean muscle since he already gets to clock hours of cardio through dance choreography which is often an essential part of his stage performances.
  • While staying in Miami, he trains under the supervision of strength coach, Faheem Mujahid. Although while living in Puerto Rico and traveling to other places, he probably hires the services of other coaches.
  • Luis is strong enough to perform Superman push-ups apart from many other advanced exercises which he can execute with ease which proves his overall fitness is impressive and far above average.
Luis Fonsi nach seinem Auftritt in Rom im Dezember 2017

Luis Fonsi Facts

  1. Before his family relocated to Florida, Luis was a part of the San Juan’s children choir. Personally, he was greatly influenced by the style of the Latino boy band Menudo and often imitated them.
  2. He was offered a recording contract by Universal Music Latin Entertainment even before he finished his college education.
  3. Luis speaks fluent Spanish and English.
  4. He particularly picked up American English very quickly in his early childhood and was able to converse without a hint of any accent after a month’s stay in Florida.
  5. The last name of his stage name, ‘Fonsi’ is actually his nickname derived from his middle name ‘Alfonso’.
  6. He recorded a duet with Christina Aguilera in her first Spanish album Mi Reflejo (2000).
  7. In May 2000, Luis performed in an outdoor concert in Rome attended by Pope John Paul II.
  8. He guest starred with Shakira in a Nickelodeon live-action comedy called Taina in 2001.
  9. In 2002, Luis accompanied Britney Spears for her Dream within a Dream Tour to perform as her opening act.
  10. In 2003, he was invited to perform at the Miss World pageant in China.
  11. Luis won the Latin Grammy (Song of the Year) for Aquí Estoy Yo in 2009.
  12. In 2009, he was invited to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Norway in honor of that year’s laureate, Barack Obama.
  13. The singer describes himself as a ‘tropical fish’ who feels uncomfortable in cold places.
  14. In 2015, Luis introduced EDM while performing for the Billboard Latin Music Awards which became the first EDM-Latin collaboration in the history of music.
  15. Despacito was #1 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100 for 16 consecutive weeks, a record attained by only two other songs in the entire 59-year history of the chart.
  16. Former Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera does not like doing music videos but Luis asked her to be a part of Despacito’s music video anyway. Zuleyka though reluctant at first, immediately agreed the moment she heard the song.
  17. In April 2017, Justin Bieber heard the original Despacito at a nightclub in Bogotá, Colombia. The Canadian singer was so inspired that he created a remix with his vocals within 48 hours.
  18. Besuchen Sie seine offizielle Website @
  19. Um mehr über den Künstler zu erfahren, folgen Sie ihm auf Facebook, Twitter, Instagram und YouTube.

Ausgewähltes Bild von Luis Fonsi / Instagram

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