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Geborener Name

Jemima Kirke



Jemima Kirke in New York im Jahr 2015




Westminster, London, England


Brooklyn, New York City, Vereinigte Staaten


Amerikanisch und britisch


Jemima studierte bis zum Alter von 11 Jahren an einer Privatschule, die als Harrodian School in Barnes im Südwesten Londons bekannt ist.

Nachdem ihre Eltern nach New York City, USA, gezogen waren, erhielt sie ihre Mittelschulausbildung am Little Red School House in Manhattan - der ersten Schule in NYC, die progressive Bildung vermittelte.

Sie erwarb ihr Abitur an einer anderen liberalen Schule namens St. Ann's in Brooklyn Heights. Hier lernte Jemima die berühmte Schriftstellerin, Produzentin, Regisseurin und Schauspielerin Lena Dunham kennen und freundete sich mit ihr an.

Sie gewann einen Studienplatz für Bildende Kunst an der begehrten Rhode Island School of Design . Durch übermäßiges Feiern, starken Drogen- und Alkoholkonsum wurde sie jedoch zweimal suspendiert. Aber sie hat es 2008 geschafft, ihren Abschluss zu machen.


Malerin, Model, Schauspielerin, Frauenrechtlerin


  • Vater - Simon Kirke (Rock Drummer für Bands wie  Free , Bad Company )
  • Mutter - Lorraine Kirke (geb. Dellal) (Inhaberin einer Vintage-Boutique namens Geminola, Innenarchitektin)
  • Geschwister - Domino Kirke (ältere Schwester) (Musiker & Doula), Lola Kirke (jüngere Schwester) (Schauspielerin & Musiker), Simon Creagor (jüngerer Bruder, abgelaufen 2017), Gregory Morris (Halbbruder) (Werbefotograf)
  • Andere -
    • Vivian Percy Kirke (Großvater väterlicherseits)
    • Olive May Pollard (Großmutter väterlicherseits)
    • Nicholas Kirke (Onkel väterlicherseits)
    • Miles Kirke (Onkel väterlicherseits)
    • Jack Dellal (Großvater mütterlicherseits) (Bauträger, Business Tycoon)
    • Zehava Helmer (Großmutter mütterlicherseits) (israelische Flugbegleiterin)
    • Guy Dellal (Onkel mütterlicherseits) (Geschäftsmann)
    • Suzanne Dellal (Tante mütterlicherseits) (früh in der Kindheit abgelaufen)
    • Diane Dellal (Tante mütterlicherseits)
    • Gaby Dellal (Tante mütterlicherseits) (Filmregisseurin)
    • Alexander Dellal (Cousin, Guys Sohn) (Geschäftsmann, Inhaber der Kunstgalerie)
    • Alice Olivia Dellal (Cousine, Guys Tochter) (Model)
    • Charlotte Olympia Dellal (Cousin, Guys Tochter) (Mode- und Schuhdesignerin)
    • Penn Dayton Badgley (Schwager, Dominos Ehemann) (Schauspieler)
    • Cassius Riley (Neffe, Dominos Sohn mit dem Musiker Morgan O'Kane)


Jemima Kirke wird vertreten durch -

  • Agentur für kreative Künstler (CAA)
  • MGMT Entertainment
  • Schreck Rose Dapello & Adams (Anwaltskanzlei)




  • Ihre genaue Größe kann nicht bestätigt werden. Viele Veröffentlichungen behaupten fälschlicherweise, dass ihre Größe 157,5 cm beträgt.
  • Einmal erzählte sie einem Fan auf Twitter, dass ihre tatsächliche Größe 162,5 cm betrug.
  • In ihrem Reisepass ist ihre Körpergröße 165 cm (5 Fuß 5 Zoll).


56 kg or 123.5 lbs

Boyfriend / Spouse

Before marrying her husband, Jemima confessed that she had been through several toxic relationships with many boyfriends but their identities are not known.

  1. Michael Mosberg (2008–2016) – Contrary to initial proclaims where Jemima stated she met her husband in a doctor’s office when she was seeking treatment for bronchitis, the actress actually met him in a rehab center at the age of 23. She was seeking de-addiction treatment for the second time. Her first stint in rehab was at the age of 19. Michael was a former sales-executive-turned-lawyer who had managed to put his unbridled bad habits behind him and was running a rehab center in Brooklyn. As a former addict who was strictly sober, Jemima found his bad-boy-turned-righteous persona extremely attractive. Just a few weeks after dating Michael, Jemima found out that she was pregnant with his child and felt that marriage was the correct step to take. And so, Michael and Jemima got married in 2009 in a simple Jewish ceremony by the beach when she was 9 months pregnant. She wore a vintage Jill Stuart dress purchased a few days prior for $200. Apart from becoming a stepmother to Michael’s children, Elijah and Lea from a previous relationship, the couple shares a daughter Rafaella Israel Mosberg (b. in 2010) and son Memphis Kirke Mosberg (b. in 2012). Unfortunately, things took a nosedive when Jemima’s acting career took off and she began introspecting on her life. She confessed that all her life she had maintained a reactive approach to things until acting made her question her choices. An honest self-analysis made her realize that she and her husband had incompatible personalities and were not meant to be together. They separated in the summer of 2016.
  2. Alex Cameron – Jemima Kirke directed and acted in a music video for the song Stranger’s Kiss ft. Angel Olsen for the Australian Musician, Alex Cameron in mid-2017. This formed the basis of rumors that the two might be dating.
Jemima Kirke in einem Selfie am Silvesterabend 2017

Race / Ethnicity

Predominantly White

Jemima has English ancestry from Scottish father and has Iraqi, Israeli Mother who paternally comes from Mizrahi Jewish and maternally from Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

Hair Color


Eye Color


Sexual Orientation


Distinctive Features

  • Slender, sharp nose
  • Luscious lips
  • Bohemian chic grunge style
  • Lots of small tattoos all over her body
Jemima Kirke nimmt ein Auto Selfie

Brand Endorsements

Jemima has done endorsement work for the following brands

  • Current / Elliot Spring campaign (2016)
  • Lonely lingerie (2016)
  • Maison Michel Paris Hats Autumn Winter 2016 collection (2015)
  • Scosha Woolridge Jewelry (2013)
  • Alison Lou Jewelry (Spring-Summer 2013)


Her exact religious beliefs are not confirmed because she comes from an interfaith family.

Her father’s religion is Christianity and her mother’s religion is Judaism.

Best Known For

  • Playing the main role of Jessa Johansson in the HBO TV series Girls (2012–2017).
  • Being cast in the Zayn Malik hit single, Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (2017).

First Film

She made her theatrical film debut playing the supporting role of Charlotte in the comedy-drama indie film, Tiny Furniture in 2010.

First TV Show

In 2012, Jemima was cast in the role of Jessa Johansson in the TV series Girls. She was cast alongside her long-time friend Lena Dunham for 6 seasons from 2012 to 2017.

Personal Trainer

Jemima met her trainer Cadence Dubus with the intention of staying slim while pregnant. She was constantly looking for a magical method to get rid of the fat in parts of her body that she disliked. She met the dancer and trainer, while being pregnant with her second child and has been training with her ever since at the Brooklyn Strength Studio.

After countless Pure Barre and Tracy Anderson method classes, Jemima found Cadence’s thick, muscular figure extremely inspiring and developed a change of perspective. The actress confessed that during the early years of her youth, she along with her mother was always on some kind of diet. Her appearance on Girls constantly required a lot of nudity and the stress of being skinny almost always made her gain 5 pounds right before the shooting began for a new season every time.

Her trainer, Cadence recommended letting go of the fixation of losing a certain number of pounds and instead encouraged her to focus on changing the body composition by gaining muscle and losing fat. She emphasized the importance of an enjoyable strength training & cardio conditioning workout fueled by frequent nutritious dense meals with complex carbs, fats, and proteins to make the body more efficient.

Jemima’s weekly workout regime consists of 2 full-body personal training sessions with Cadence at her studio and 50 minutes of Pilates & kettlebell strength training group classes on the other days. Her personal training sessions comprise of compound movement functional training with a focus on core engagement.

This is achieved by working the upper or lower body using kettlebells, Pilates springboard, and body weight isometric holds. Cadence rolls out Jemima’s muscles with a foam roller as a part of the workout cool down process. She also frequently addresses Jemima’s concerns to clarify the extent to which her body shape can be transformed while emphasizing on the natural, genetic shape of her muscles that cannot be altered.

Jemima Kirke Favorite Things

  • Color – Orange
  • Collector’s Item – Children’s T-shirts, Rings, Antiques from the 1940s to 1970s
  • Magazine – The World of Interiors
  • Environmentally Conscious Habit – Recycling
  • TV Show – Shark Tank
  • Artist – Ophrah Shemesh, Pierre Bonnard
  • Quality in a Woman – The ability to securely enjoy the company of other women
  • Flower – Peony
  • Hero /Idol – David Bowie
  • Food – Granola Cereals
  • Vintage Fashion Style – 1930s and 1940s
  • Shoes – Timberland boots, Converse sneakers
  • Vacation Spot – Florida
  • Art Work She Likes to Create – Portraits

Source – Rookie Mag, Blouin Artinfo, Semaine, Footwear News, IMDb

Jemima Kirke in einem offenen Selfie

Jemima Kirke Facts

  1. Her first creation as an artist was making collages out of Christmas and Birthday cards as a child.
  2. Jemima’s mother encouraged her love for art by converting the boiler room at their house into a studio for her. She also arranged for her school’s art teacher to teach Jemima oil painting when she was merely 9 years old.
  3. She never planned on becoming an actress and was reluctant to pursue acting as a career. She relented because of her best friend, Lena Dunham, who wrote a role similar to her personality in Tiny Furniture (2010) and the pilot episode of Girls, and could not afford to pay her for the work.
  4. Jemima’s first break as an artist came when a designer named Ricky Clifton spotted her paintings at her mother’s house and decided to put them up in his shop.
  5. Jemima had an abortion after finding out about an unplanned pregnancy during her teens. She wanted to keep it a secret from her parents and could barely put together enough money along with her then boyfriend. She could not afford the cost of anesthesia so had an abortion without it.
  6. Both Lena Dunham and Jemima are former employees of Geminola, the vintage boutique that also provided costumes for the iconic TV show S*x and the City (1998–2004).
  7. She was so impressed by her trainer Cadence Dubus’ curvaceous and muscular figure that she painted her in n*de for one of her exhibitions.
  8. She dislikes shaving her underarms and has made red carpet appearances unabashedly flaunting her armpit hair.
  9. Jemima was a part of Jay-Z‘s promotional video, Picasso Baby, a performance art video in 2013. Apparently, the actress was so overcome with excitement that she would not let go of Jay-Z and had to be escorted from the sets by the security team.
  10. She is a self-proclaimed feminist.
  11. Jemima owns a pet dog named Rozy.
  12. She is an eager tattoo artist. Though she pursues it more as a hobby rather than a profession. She has designed several tattoos for friends and family members.
  13. At one point, Jemima had 33-34 tattoos all over her body (many of them were self-drawn) but she got some of them removed.
  14. Right before her separation from her husband Michael, when the couple was getting into frequent disagreements, Jemima had an immense urge to self-destruct. She ended up cutting her long blonde hair into a shoulder-length bob instead.
  15. Jemima ist auch in Musikvideos für  Wring it Out von Rival Schools (2011) und Gotta Get a Grip von Mick Jagger (2017) erschienen.

Ausgewähltes Bild von Nikola Lovisato Serpico / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

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